The night is dark and full of hype

Game of Thrones season 7 trailer & climate change

After the stunning finale of season 6 of Game of Thrones we discovered they were delaying the start of filming of season 7 as they wanted to film during the winter to give it a darker feel.

It better be pretty flipping dark as we’re still waiting. It’s not out for another seven and a half weeks. That’s like another Omer and more.

To raise anticipation they released the trailer for the upcoming season, if you’ve not watched it yet here it is

Great. You’re up to speed.

Now I’m not going to dissect the trailer, many people out there have already done it, some even get paid to do so, so I’ll just cover the bits I find interesting.

Of course Cersei is in charge now, remember the Mad King, we now have the Mad Queen and she realises her threats are coming from all corners. Will she be able to fend of all attacks. I bloody well hope not. If she survives through to the end of the show I’ll be pretty vexed. So she’ll obviously survive.

Unless Jaime kills her, or Tyrion. There’s a prophecy afoot.

Daenery’s heads home to Dragonstone, and we see a pretty cool throne there too. The Unsullied spill into what could be Casterly Rock and some dragons too.

However I’m most interested in Jon Snow. You know the dude who came back from the dead. That guy.

I reckon he is the Prince that was Promised. I mean. He came back from the dead. That guy.

But we don’t see loads of him and what we do see of him is divided into scenes with Littlefinger and scenes in the snow.

Littlefinger had already started to sow the seeds of doubt into Sansa’s mind, trying to cause a rift between her and her cousin (we know they are cousins, she thinks it’s his half brother. It looks like there is a scene in the crypt at Winterfell where Littlefinger might be telling Jon who he really is) and I guess he will success to a degree. Before he dies.

The other scenes with Jon are in the north, over the wall and even though you don’t see them, it seems they are being surrounded by and running from the White Walkers.

And this, for me, is the main event.

Partly it’s because it’s going to be so bad ass when it goes down, but partly because I believe this is what the whole series boils down to!

We’ve gone through 6 seasons so far and have seen people engage with the White Walkers on a couple of occasions. Yet the focus is always on Kings Landing and the Iron Throne, but since the prologue of the first book all I’ve wanted to do was focus on the threat of the White Walkers. It makes no difference who is on the Iron Throne. The important stuff is happening over The Wall, but we keep on focusing on the game of thrones and it seems to be, from the trailer that is where our attention will be paid next season too.

Last night I was having a brief discussion about climate change and Trump before I saw the new trailer, so obviously this was inspired by the quick chat. The connection between A Game of Thrones and climate change isn’t a new one (and one could probably connect the threat of the White Walkers to any of our current existential threats, and there’s a few) and as every episode goes by I get more and more frustrated with everyone seeming to ignore it.

Everyone apart from Ser Davos

‘If we don’t put aside our enmities we will die. Then it doesn’t matter whose skeleton sits on the Iron Throne.”

He knows wassup.

Much like Pope Francis who upon meeting the President gave him his essay on the importance of the environment.

I’m looking forward to seeing how Westeros are going to deal with the threat of the White Walkers. Jon, Ser Davos et all are the only ones thinking about it right now. Not long now. Well, not that long now.