The Perks of Being Pep

There are some jobs that are the biggest gigs in the game. There are many such jobs in England and that is why we are starting this season with some of the best managers in the world at the helm at various clubs around the country.

Many managers upon starting at one of these jobs aren’t really going to make too many splashes. Ideally they will win games, preferably in style and potentially start to win trophies. However they generally don’t drop a bunch of key, expensive players.

Not Pep Guardiola.

Pep Guardiola hasn’t come to play the City way, with the City players, he has come to get City playing his way. The Pep way.

He knows exactly who he needed in his squad to play his way and if you weren’t part of that group you better be looking for a new club.

Yaya Toure has been as integral to City’s recent success as any other player but I doubt we will be seeing much of him this season. But you know what? He’s getting on. His legs have gone, his attitude isn’t exactly amazing. It’s not exactly ground breaking that he may be done.

But Joe Hart, well that’s another matter. Joe Hart another key player for the past 6 years, England’s number one, and fan favourite has been dropped 3 times now for Willy Caballero. I have discussed this in a previous post, but the idea that a manager like Pep Guardiola walks in to Manchester City and drops key, expensive (Mangala and Bony each cost £30m+) because they don’t fit into his system is a luxury very few managers can afford.

This is what it’s like to be Pep. Pep says yes to a club as long as the club are willing to play according to his rules.

If he doesn’t have the right center backs for his system he’ll play Kolarov there and not the £32 million Mangala. If he doesn’t have the right keeper he will play Caballero over the England number 1. Like it or lump it.

And that’s one of the perks of being Pep. It’s his way or he’ll hit the highway and even fewer clubs, if any, would stand up to a manager of that caliber.

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