Love ’em or hate ‘em.

If you are active on Facebook, you use Facebook groups, right?!

During the coronavirus pandemic, these online communities, these Facebook groups, are more important than ever! They are lifelines, social outlets and the saving grace to those who are in solitary lockdown!

Facebook groups enable complete strangers to connect and join forces for good, to share resources and spread important information to local and global communities.

As a community manager, I have several Facebook group tips for you, the group member.

Believe me when I say that reading these tips and then implementing them will make EVERYONE’s lives happier! …

Are You Scared Of Being In a Facebook Video?

…or are you scared of creating a Facebook Video?

You should put fear aside and not be afraid of either!

Creating Facebook videos should be easy, simple, fun and quick!

Yet many people fear the camera.

How can you get over this fear?

By knowing more about the power of video and by just going for it!


Video is an awesome and powerful marketing tool for businesses!

Creating videos specifically for Facebook is easy to do (hence the word ‘simple’ in the title) and they are terrific for organic reach on Facebook!

Before watching my three short Facebook Video Marketing Tips, read this article about How To Get Started with Facebook Videos!

Do You Know What Your Child is Doing At 2 AM?

I hope s/he is sleeping, but there’s a chance that your teen is online.

Whether you like it, or not, whether you want your kids on social media, or not, the ‘new’ way of communicating is through social media.

Don’t believe me?

I have three teens (and a preteen) ages 19,17 & 15.

  • My teens get group text messages from their high school coach about practice times, team travel and games.
  • My teens communicate with their overseas cousins via social media.
  • My teens communicate with their boss (summer job) via text messages. …


Dorien Morin-van Dam

Organic Social Media Specialist | Speaker | Agile Marketer| Vegan | Marathon runner

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