Interview with one of the best CIS mid laners, Nomanz

Mar 4 · 3 min read

Ever wondered, how a daily routine on a boot camp looks like, or simply would like to find out the way to improve from the horse’s mouth? Carry on, and you’ll find out!

MoreLegends: Greetings everyone! Today we’re talking with Lev “Nomanz” Yakshyn, Vega Squadron’s midlaner. Hi, Nomanz! Congratulations on a successful 3:0 week! How’s it going?
Nomanz: Tuned up for a fight, because all the most important games are yet to come. And the main thing is that everyone in the team understands this and continues to work in full force. Unfortunately, we were not able to achieve 6:0 in the first two weeks so it could have been a little better.

MoreLegends: What do you think is Vega’s secret to success?
Nomanz: Our secret is a sauna. We try to visit it every two or three days and have a recharge. It’s our personal doping where everyone gets his share. So happened that a week and a half before LCL I’ve got a maximum boost!

MoreLegends: Great! We should definitely adopt it! Tell us, what went wrong in the match with Rox?
Nomanz: In that match, our draft was aimed at maximum early-game aggression. We understood that this setup is hard to play from behind. At the same time, we made a number of critical mistakes at the start of the game, which made it almost impossible to come back.

MoreLegends: How do you tune in before the games?
Nomanz: Basically, I’m listening to music on the way to the Studio. Recently, I’ve discovered Billie Eilish, she impressed me that much.

MoreLegends: If it’s no secret, tell us how you make shotcalls in your team.

Nomanz: On average, in addition to scrims, every day I play 7–10 matches. The number depends on my current form and the need to master new champions. In the days when there are no scrims, I certainly play more soloQ.

MoreLegends: Another question from the audience. What’s the easiest role to climb with?
Nomanz: Jungle is the best for this cause. Its early game impact is the highest so you can win almost every game if you do well what is required of you.

MoreLegends: Who is your favourite champion?
Nomanz: There are two of them. Aurelion Sol and Riven. It is a pity that now they are almost impossible to play on midlane, though the Star Forger was recently shown in Korea.

MoreLegends: Last week there was a jungle Riven in Korea. And she even won! Well, let’s hope the meta changes and we see Sol and Riven in your performance.
Well, thank you very much for the interview, Lev! We wish you to continue playing with confidence and to please your fans with victories!
Nomanz: Thanks and see you next week!

In case you’d like to see how Nomanz performs among the best European players (he has 700+ LP!) or just have a chat, here’s a link to his stream. Lev is always glad to have new viewers.
Don’t forget to visit our website, who knows maybe we will work on a new content together with Nomanz someday soon.