MoreLegends AI Predicts Game Results at LCS 2019 Summer Play-off

Aug 9 · 4 min read

Many players want to know the results of major tournaments. Although it is impossible to predict the results by 100%, but using the capabilities of our AI, we can get as close as possible to the reference result. The prediction of the tournament results is based on data on the latest matches of the teams of participants. The model uses both the average performance of the entire team and each individual player: the number of creeps killed on the line and in the forest, damage to champions and objective, GPM, XPM, and much more. And if the teams have already met before, then their joint win rate will also be taken into account in the predictions of the model.

The summer split is nearing completion, and many playoff grids are already starting in the near future, so we have prepared for you forecasts for the playoff stage of the North American league LCS.

There are many incredibly strong teams at the tournament, and it is incredibly difficult to fully decide who will be the winner. Therefore, we will do it for you.

LCS 2019 Summer Play-off Predictions

OpTic Gaming VS Counter Logic Gaming 0.516 = 3–2
Clutch Gaming VS Team SoloMid 0.604 = 3–0
Team Liquid VS OpTic Gaming 0.582 = 3–0
Clutch Gaming VS Cloud9 0.653 = 3–0
Team Liquid VS Clutch Gaming 0.651 = 3–0
Cloud9 VS OpTic Gaming 0.629 = 3–0
Team Liquid VS Cloud9 0.637 = 3–0
Clutch Gaming VS OpTic Gaming 0.599 = 3–0

Cloud9 or Team Liquid, OpTic Gaming or Team SoloMid. The best teams in North America come together, fighting for the strongest title and a trip to the World Championship 2019, where they will represent their region. And especially for the upcoming playoff stage, we have prepared a forecast for you based on the results of matches.

Given its current state, Team Liquid is most likely to win the tournament. And this is not surprising — the team showed itself perfectly during the spring season when TL finished the season with 14 wins and only 4 losses. The summer season was much more difficult for Team Liquid — Cloud9, Team Liquid’s eternal rivals in the North American League, defeated TL twice, even though they could only win 12 matches, losing 6.

Two teams literally breathe in their back at once — Cloud9 themselves, who are diligently preparing for the upcoming finals and even Sneaky has returned from their temporary absence, and Clutch Gaming, who, after an unsuccessful spring season, were able to play the summer season well and reach the playoff stage.

OpTic Gaming has too many strong rivals — against the Counter Logic Gaming team Lee “Crown” Min Ho has a great chance of winning, albeit in a rather complicated game. But then the problems begin — both Cloud9 and Team Liquid will not let the opponent go further, leaving the team to play the match for third place. However, Clutch Gaming is in about the same situation — TSM and Cloud9 are not in their best shape now, and therefore can give way to even a weaker team, but in their best form they will not leave CG a lot of chances.

The most serious confrontation will be the final — Team Liquid guarantee their passage, because only Cloud9 can compete with them, but they pass through another pair. Depending on whether Cloud9 regains its full form or not, the final itself depends. Or TL will play with Cloud9, and then the game will be decided solely on the level of the game, and here Team Liquid will be stronger, albeit without defeat. Or TL will play with Clutch Gaming and completely surpass their rival.

How true are MoreLegends predictions?

There is no time machine in this world, at least not yet, and therefore absolute accuracy cannot be achieved. Only the main statistical indicators of the teams for the last matches are taken into account, as a result of which forecasts for the results of matches appear.

And that is why we can only wait for the results of matches, analyze the further possibilities of our model and in the future — even more accurately predict matches.

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