#AccessoriesThatThrill Mikara — Recap [Week 1]

HEYYYY !!If you follow me on Instagram ( @HeyMikara ), I have been doing daily posts titled #AccessoriesThatThrill Mikara, due to my obsession for accessories! I come across so many amazing brands and designers, I just want to share these amazing pieces to the world! Why keep them all to myself and my job (as a Personal Stylist/Shopper) is to help people look great… so I decided to create my own hashtag and recap post for everyone to get better acquainted with my selections. So lets get started !

This exotic piece is called the ANTHONY BRACELET, handmade (yes handmade!) by Ronnetta J. Coleman from NJ/NYC. I met her at an event during NY Fashion Week and I immediately feel in love with her work when I walked in the venue. I could tell she was inspired by Egypt royalty since I study abroad there and when she told me about her inspiration she was inspired by Egyptian royalty. I love a good accessory that pulls a different character out of me, and I feel like this particular bracelet made me want to wear it with a certain confidence.

Retail Price $85.00

If you are interested in this designer please check out RONNETTA J. COLEMAN website.

Fellas, if you thought I wasn’t thinking about you, I def got you too ! I have been building my men clientele, and I must say it is fun informing them on how to play around with men’s accessories. For this selection, I love a guy in a great tailored sports jacket with a spunky pocket square. If you are a simple kind of guy, wearing a sports jackets with a v-neck or crew neck tee and add on a dapper pocket square, like Ubiquitous Style’s Large Black Floral Pocket Square ! I really like this print for any type of guy; its fun yet its not too loud for you to wear it more than once.

Retail Price $12.99
SKU 683405372066
100% organic cotton

Check out more of UStyleLLC products

Gold ….. Gold jewelry is so amazing on and I just couldn’t get enough of it this week (if you haven’t noticed) I came across this product, while I was looking for brass earrings for a client during the summertime for a photoshoot. I truly do not think this image does not serve this product unique-ness enough vs having it in person. If you are able to purchase HavanaFlamingo’s Ethnic hammered Brass ring and Gypsy earrings. It is truly a beauty of art ! The jewelry does have a bit of weight to it then costume jewelry, but it is made out of real brass.
The earring comes in 3 different sizes:

  1. M — 4 cm
  2. L — 6 cm
  3. XL — 8 cm

Retail Price $35
Each item is handmade, and it takes 2 weeks before it is shipped out.

Love these pieces?! Check more at HavanaFlamingo.

Need to brighten up your foot game but want to have the gentlemen approach? Socks are the cheapest way for males to add a splash of fun in their look. As a Branding Associate at Express, this pattern grabs a certain kind of attention — if you want that kind of attention, to brighten up your look. I advised a couple of Express’ customers this sock and their outfit turned out better than they thought. So if you want to spice up your look using the same clothes you have in your closets, just add some socks as a starting platform.

Retail Price $10.90
Express’ Plaid Socks

Lets. Talk. About. FINE. Details. I don’t know what I was looking for recently but I spotted this find beauty on Etsy! I looovvvvveee everything about this bag; the color, the intricate geometric designs and that intense Ebony wood color. Whew ! I would purchase this bag for $620, I think its work every penny of it due to it being 100% wood grain , 100% hide clutch. I look forward to purchasing this item and showing you guys how I rock this bag.

This bag production time is 3–4 weeks due to their policy of Made to order
Width — 30 cm
Height — 14 cm
Dept — 7 cm

If you want to know more about this brand/designer, check out their site: Tesler-Mendelovitch

Fossil Watches — to me, is a great sophisticated watch to wear everyday for males. I had a friend in college that worked for this company, and they introduced to the background of this brand and how well the loyalty is for returning watch customers. I am not into too many of the women watches for Fossil, but the male watches, I have always had a continuous liking for their watches.
My selection this week #AccessoriesThatThrill Mikara was
Nate Chronograph Dark Brown Leather Watch .

Retail Price $155

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