How about a story on Medium that can truly make a difference in a couple of people’s lives. How about making a difference in a Single Mom or Single Dad’s life? Like a HUGE difference? How would you like to help and it takes …Oh about 3 minutes and won’t cost YOU any money. Here is the deal and please share.

Hi there ! As you know, there are lots of posts that at the end of the day don’t really matter. But, we could use your help on this one, because we think you will find it does.

Do you know of a hard working single parent that could use a hand up and not a hand out and that has a story to tell?

If so, please send her or him our way! Because we will publish their book for them, help them make it an Amazon Best Seller and do a whole lot more, at no charge, as in FREE.. We are going to try and do one of these every 6 weeks or so. If you know of a single parent that deserves a huge break in there life, please use the form here and tell us about them or PM me. My Mom was a single parent and I know now how tough it was on her. Just trying to pay it forward. Thank you! Just go here and let us know about a deserving single parent.

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