14 Marketing Tips Given From VETS Charity Event

It appears that Trumps Marketing move that ended up raising over $6 million dollars paid off in spades not only for Disabled Veterans, but for himself as well.
Just in case you had not heard, Donald Trump pulled out of the Republican Debate about 24 hours before it was supposed to go on. Click Here for the link to my other story that explains what he is doing in detail overall.

Here are just some of the Trump Marketing Lessons to be learned from the event. Here is a link to a video of the event. My suggestion is to read these points and then take notes as you watch the video.

1. He differentiated himself from the rest of the herd by not being a part of it. Marketing 1o1, differentiate yourself from the herd that is your competition! He did this by doing his own event where all of the attention was on him! It does not get much better than that from a marketing standpoint.

2. He used the differences to expand on why his product is better. He had the chance to give more than soundbites and quick answers to questions that did not matter. He got a chance to talk about his key benefits, Strong Borders, Strong Economy, and of course Make America Great Again.

3. He showed integrity to his customers (he had said if Megyn Kelly was the moderator again, he would not do another debate with her after the first debate). Most companies when it comes down to it do not walk the talk.

4. He co-marketed with like-minded competition, Governor Huckabee, and Senator Rick Santorum. This is so overlooked with many businesses it is not even funny and yet for both parties there is a huge net gain. We do this and it works great. It costs nothing as an added bonus!

5. He controlled the environment in which to give his message. So instead of the din of 3 moderators who he knew were going to be hostile to him, as well as 7 competitors, he created an event where his message could be heard loud and clear without distraction. This is why I am such a big believer Membership sites. Get your customers off Facebook and other social media where there are million distractions including your competition and into your own Membership site where you have control.

6. He gave his Customers that “ Warm Fuzzy ” as there were many standing ovations. Especially when Governor Huckabee spoke and John Wayne Walding, a disabled Green Beret spoke at length. Click Here to see his story. Is there a greater purpose that you can have? As an example, we are donating one professionally designed and built Website to a single Mom or Dad each month free of charge for a whole year and offer them mentoring to start making money for their family. Our clients think it is a great idea. If you know of a single Mom or Dad, or are one yourself and could use a hand-up to get your Web business going, Click Here to find out more. We are also looking for others that have a product or service that would like to help and donate to these folks. Click on the link for more information on how to help.

7. He let others tell how good his product was. He had surrogates in Senator Rick Santorum, Governor Huckabee, and John Wayne Walding talk about the event and Trump. I can’t emphasize this enough. Surrogates make it sound like you are not bragging. Get honest testimonials whenever you can and use them, even if as in this case their are oblique ones.

8. He gave empirical and social proof his brand had value by using the time to benefit others. In this case it was the Disabled Veterans. Specifically the 22 Vets that commit suicide every day.

9. Without lifting a finger, it put out the message that if any of his competition had wanted to, the other candidates could have joined him to benefit Veterans (only one active candidate was smart enough to do so, Governor Huckabee) , but were as he said, like other politicians, only interested in getting elected and not helping others. Thereby proving his main point of candidacy, that being he is not a normal politician. This may be the most brilliant of his moves here as he uses this as ammo in the future. They will have to fight this fact and to many people that are ticked off off at career politicians, they won’t have a defense.

10. As he predicted, the Fox News Debate audience was only about half-of their previous audience (at first estimates it appears to have dropped nearly 60% in viewership without Trump). Proving his ability to predict events based on his own reasoning, which was contrary to many others. Very few people or businesses are actually able give immediate empirical evidence that the information he has is correct and that their brand has real value.

11. He further hurt Fox News (the common enemy that he and his customers have) by having Roger Ailes, the man that runs Fox News, refusing to give any money to the Veterans. It is great if you can have share a common enemy with your clients. If you can articulate who or what it is, it might be a system, a piece of technology, or a technique, and you can put a face to it, that is how you build Brand loyalty.

12. Ted Cruz. who did the debate ended up coming out worse for wear as the other 7 candidates (one news outlet, Drudge, called them the Seven Dwarves), and the moderators ganged up on him, so Trump let his main competition hurt himself. Fox News also put together a selectively edited montage video savaging both Cruz and Rubio that hit piece on both that could not have been put together any better by Trump himself to make them look bad. ( to be fair, they could make Mother Teresa look evil) This has a lot to do with the where you advertise. Just because your competition advertises there, does not mean you have to. If you can do what Trump did, make sure you are the only advertiser for you type of product in that space. There are tons of place like this for you out there. Blogs, direct mail, groups, etc. Shy away from places here you know you are going to find a hostile environment. There are too many friendly places to market your product to starving crowds that will eat up what you are selling.

13. This event will infuriate his detractors even further which does not matter. They will be saying that it was all about him, the money won’t get to the Vets, he was a coward not to debate etc. All of which will further improve his standings with his customers who will rally to his defense. The people that criticize this event were never going to vote for him anyway, so he does not care about them. They frankly do not matter and he knows this. Because no matter what he does, he won’t get them, but for those that do like him, they will be more vigorous supporters than ever. He realizes who his core customers are and is doing everything he can to cement that relationship. You have to realize this about you and your marketing as well. There are going to be people that just do not like what you have to sell and never will buy from you. Forget about them and market to the people that are open to purchasing from you. Don’t waste one minute or one dollar on those people that won’t buy.

14. He dominated the headlines yet again by choosing to not show up. He makes the media dance and sing to his own tune like no one’s business for the simple reason no one of the pundits or media can predict what he will do next and he is not boring. That being said, if you think like a marketer, his moves are predictable to a large degree and when you start to look and learn, you can easily adapt the marketing lessons that Donald J. Trump is handing out to anyone smart enough to pay attention and use them in your own business to get some amazing results.

Hope you enjoyed this, would love to hear your Marketing input.

Andrew Anderson