“Start Where You Are.”

This phrase was exactly what I needed to start this past week. I made a commitment to start working on being more active, so the week was filled with fitness, beginning with a V3 workout.

Vital Fitness Studios and Bandier collaborated to offer a free V3 class. This workout was a great overall body challenge! V3 is a fusion of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), strength training (in the form of body weight/resistance) and yoga offered by Vital Fitness Studios. Our HIIT workout consisted of about seven exercises. Each exercise was completed for 20 seconds, followed by a ten second rest for six reps. We then worked on abs, arms and glutes with planks, push ups, and those trusty SQUATS! The one hour workout was SOO necessary, and although a bit sore the next day, my body was so thankful for the movement. A swag bag full of treats and vouchers for free coffee, classes and spas was a pleasant surprise after class, and a bottle of Kombucha was the ultimate cap to the workout.

Midweek consisted of FREE Barre classes at Barre3 in Plano, Texas. As a gift for the grand opening week, all classes were free, and I made sure to seize the opportunity! I’d heard of Barre and intended to “get around” to doing it, and this could not have come at a better time. Barre is a marriage of ballet, Pilates and yoga; a workout designed to maximize muscle recruitment through high reps of isometric movements. When you can look around the room and see everyone with the “shakes,” you know (as the instructors reassured us) that you are doing it right. Class was followed by a number of daily sponsors gifting away more swag, including free classes and refreshments for replenishing. There is also a play lounge for your little ones to ensure you have a worry-free workout!

This week was truly remarkable. I look forward to participating in more diverse fitness classes, to help maintain continuity and consistency.

  • EYEBROWS: I am less than TWO WEEKS away from revealing my results with Rooted Treasure’s Jamaican Black Castor Oil!
  • FOOT ARCH: My foot arch challenge is coming along well! Follow Instagram Adam Leavens, RMT, BCSI of Myodetox at @adam_rehab for his foot arch series. You WON’T regret it, and I’m beyond ecstatic that I’ve found him!
  • GLUTES: The challenge by Jordan Cardoza (Instagram @basicmvmtpt) goes nicely with the foot arch challenge. Now that I’ve “activated” my glutes, I look forward to building them.