Castin’… #TwoWiseJawns

It’s been a minute, but I’m back for a shameless plug.


No seriously.

Go to Italy, go to Malta, hit up South Africa if you have to. Go get. your. life.

Rih gave us raw ethereal realness. I don’t even know where to begin. She performs every song as though she’s the illest rapper in the game. When she postures we screech for our lives. C’est lit.

#SheSlay #SheSlayedMe #DEAD


Rihanna is a Black Girl who Rocks and to top it off she’s humble AF.

“Role model is not the title they like to give me ya know.” -HerRockinAt#BlackGirlsRock

No worries, Robyn. You are my role model.

Look at how she interacts with dem Philly fans dem!

Outchea discussing weave lengths in front of whipipo and whatnot. Class act. Can’t tell me any different.

Now look at Avril Lavigne and her fans and tell me we aren’t blessed to have Rihanna?

Even Lena Dunham in her Lenny Letter STAN’d down for Miss Fenty.

Welcome to the Navy Dunham, welcome.

Honestly, this wasn’t supposed to be about Rihanna.

ANTI, as fiyah as an album as it is, was not the plug I was finna be plug’n.

Ladies and gentleman…

Two Wise Jawns is here.

All 7 of you asked for it and well, I try my best not to disappoint the masses.

Myself and fellow jawn Shannon E. are podcasting!

We’re excited.

We hope someone else out there is too.

We finally put pen to paper to mic drop.

Our new podcast ‪#‎TwoWiseJawns‬ has been birthed and the first episode is here!

Ignore the “and like”sss and “ohmahgahh”sss.

As we mature and grow as women, so will our vocabulary and affectation.

This episode is an ode to the deity that is Cardi B and some other musings on “Approaching 30.”

Be a doll and listen; interact with us!

Twirra: I’m @MorBGreat. Shan’s @donebunnews.

Be a jawn.