I Was a Men’s Rights Activist
As Told to MEL

The comments on this thing are bonkers.

As I’ve experienced it, one of the problems with this misunderstanding is that many men have not contributed to the oppressive systems in place, in any conscious or deliberate sense, and so some take immediate offense at the generalizations involved in words like ‘patriarchy’ or ‘white men.’

The fact that some (a lot of) men do speak out against feminism and other movements is telling. They are in the charmed circle, a place where, historically, offense has hardly been needed. Some men are so charmed that they don’t even see the injustices and power imbalances, and/ or the value in recognizing them. What MRA’s don’t understand is that — sorry — they don’t have a say in this conversation because they can not see all of it. They are blinded and made soft by privilege. That privilege is also the thing that blinds MRA’s from the illegitimacy of their arguments, crudely turning it, as the author writes, into a fight against feminism itself.

A good rule for Internet users and for life: Don’t defend your maleness or your whiteness. I am so sick of hearing these things. They have both been well looked after. If you don’t get that, do as this author so bravely does and get a lesson from somewhere other than 4chan.

Men’s right’s is a ludicrous and oh so predictable aspect of this culture. If you think it’s a necessity, watch this segment on ‘reverse racism’ and see if you sense a parallel.

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