Genius Project Outline/Proposal

  1. What I want to create is a online website for girls to buy or rent a homecoming/prom dress at a cheap price. The problem is girls go out every 6 months for 4 years buying a dress. These dresses are not cheap, from experience the dresses can cost anywhere from $300 to $700.
  2. Research that I need to do is to find out how much my dress cost plus alterations. Then see how much condiment shops are selling dresses for, once I have that done I can then price my dress accordingly. In addition, I can see if anyone else that does not want to receive money back will let me sell / rent their dresses.
  3. I plan to sell or rent dresses to girls for homecoming or prom. The website will be posted on social media and emailed to people so I can launch my website. I need to take action either right now or in the next month to start advertising for prom. Since it is September girls probably already have their dress for homecoming, so the rate of me selling the dress will most likely not sell until next August or April. But we will launch the website now to give it a shot to see if people actually notice.
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