Boldness without Bounds : My Mother the Entrepreneur

My mom is in her 50’s.

For my entire life, and nearly all of her own, she has worked diligently and sacrificed for her family. She believed in story time, home cooked dinners, and attending the smallest school activities. While a skilled nurse, family always came before career and self interest.

Her kids are now grown, married, and having children of their own. The urge to rest on her laurels seems justifiable and well earned. At a season in life where her peers are ‘settling in’ or cashing out, my mom has chosen to think differently.

She started a business.

Joining the ranks of entrepreneurship, she is now faced with an unending barrage of choices, fears, uncertainty, and anticipation. It can be daunting and overwhelming. While it would be easier to relent, she is leaning in, stepping out of her comfort zone, and seeking a change.

It’s nothing short of courageous.

As I watch her new chapter begin, I’m flooded with admiration and intrigue. Identifying heavily with a drive to take risks and defy convention, I’m honored to share that it runs in the family.

Mom, you never cease to amaze and inspire. You are bold and beautiful. Happy Mother’s Day.