Email Marketing and How to Make it Great

Email marketing is a huge part of our most recent ‘experiment’, Startup Picture Day. Because of the amount of communication it takes to pull off a great event, we use those communications to test our assumptions and try new approaches to keep attendees engaged.

Here are a few things we’ve discovered about email marketing that have led to pretty outstanding results.

  • Use Bulleted Lists. Bullets make it easier to scan and draw people’s attention in the right direction.
  • Keep emails short. Everyone is in a hurry and long emails get overlooked. Your email is 1 of hundreds of emails in their inbox. Respect the time and energy of your customers.
  • Set a singular, clear call to action. If you confuse, you loose. Make sure the email has 1 main focus and get to it! If you have a lot of information they need to digest, consider separate emails.
  • Keep it relevant. The more clarity you have around people you’re sending to the better. You don’t have to empathize with your customers, much like they don’t have to read your emails. Neglect the former and the latter will surely follow.
  • Provide value. Emails should be about delivering value, not just getting face time. If you don’t have anything worth saying, don’t send it.
  • Use Plain Text. It’s more personal and less distracting. It’s important for a website to be pretty, but emails should get to the point.

Yeah, MailChimp is our email marketing platform!

Curious how well our email campaigns usually perform?

Open Rate:

Average: ~57% (industry average 18.8%)
Highest: ~86%

Click Rate:

Average Click Rate: ~30% (industry average 3.1%)
Highest Click Rate: ~54%