Growing Pains

When Josh and I began Polar Notion in 2012, mistakes and inefficiencies only effected two people. As friends and owners, it was easy to chalk it up to the costs of learning and doing business.

If a project wasn’t complete, we were the ones finishing it at 2am.

If invoices were past due, we took home less money at the end of the month.

Pain and discomfort was limited to the people in the room, and the room was small.

Today, we’re a team of a dozen full-time, part-time, remote, and on-sight team members. While Josh and I still carry the brunt of responsibility, each person is basing some part of their lives on the business continuing to exist and their place in it being secure.

Mistakes and decisions now come at a cost to more people. People who are counting on us.

They aren’t ‘resources’ or ‘assets’. They are people. If we forget that, our work ceases to matter.