Learn then Lead.

It’s not enough to merely consume new material and grow our personal understand. At Polar Notion, we push ourselves to be continually learning and sharing that knowledge with others.

While many of our team wouldn’t define themselves as leaders, they are. Discussing a solution to a problem, explaining a unique perspective, or sacrificing time so that others many understand more fully are at the heart of leadership.

It’s an iterative process, cycling naturally between the learning of new insights, sharing with others, and learning anew. In a rapidly evolving industry, we have found it to be the only way to stay ahead.

For example, one of our Junior Engineers has a deep appreciate for a Javascript framework that no one else on the team has used. Instead of simply remaining isolated or dabbling on his own, he has been emboldened to prepare his thoughts to present them to the team. When shared, others will have the chance to learn from his discovery and perhaps shifts towards a newer framework that increases their own skills.

With a growing team, the temptation to ‘stick with what works’ becomes more and more alluring. Training people takes time, stopping to ask questions isn’t very efficiency, and short-term payoff is small.

Taking a longer term perspective however, it is abundantly clear that building a thriving team and doing work that matters starts with challenging past beliefs, taking risks, and bring others along with us.

Leadership is not the result of learning, it’s the fulfillment of it.