Let fires burn

Surviving hard times and working through the chaos

In a perfect world, everything goes according to plan. There are no major crisis and any problems have clear solutions.

Reality is never perfect. At times, it seems like everything is on fire. Sales aren’t closing quick enough. You’re behind on paying key vendors. Projects are behind schedule. Your savings have been depleted. You just got served with a lawsuit. Everything is on fire.

In moments of crisis, it is the clearheaded that survive. You can’t fix everything in an instant and while you recover, some fires will remain lite. The continued damage won’t be trivial, but it’s strangely necessary.

Squelch the hottest, most aggressive flames first. The goal is to survive, not to escape unharmed (it’s too late for that). It’s not about addressing all the fires, just the right ones. With stead progress, the temperature will eventually begin to fall. It will take time.


You must survive.