My Wife, the Mother.

“Oh shit, what do we do now?!?”

It’s a terror that can only be felt by a first time parent. Whether the words escaped my mouth or just echoed in my mind, one thing was certain, the hospital kicked us onto the street, with a child, after a 30 minute informational introductory video from the 80's. We were now ‘equipped’ to support another life.

Just a few days earlier, I sat in the hospital room surrounded by family, friends, and nurses all watching my wife Meg hold our newborn daughter. The scene was beautiful.

In what seemed like a blink, everyone disappeared and we’re leaving the hospital with a tiny, fragile human in the back seat.

Despite all the fear and doubt, I remember looking over at Meg and smiling. A calm began to creep over me as a realization emerged, “We will figure it out.”

Fast forward a few months and the transformation has been unbelievable. It has been a delight to watch our little girl grow and development, but the most beautiful transformation as been with Meg.

While balancing work and motherhood, she manages to align her time and energy around the things that matter most. Rejecting the undisciplined pursuit of more, her efforts have become more focused and intentional than ever.

As I’ve watched her war between the demands of career and family with meticulous care and consideration. I have no doubt that Avery will grow to be a brave, thoughtful, caring woman because that’s the example Meg sets each day.

Meg, I’m thrived to be fumbling through this with you. ;) You wear motherhood well. Thank you for loving me and our squishy girl.

Happy Mother’s Day.