The Cream of the Code School Crop

Over the last two years, we’ve had the privilege of speaking with, encouraging, and hiring untold* numbers of code school students and graduates. In the process, we’ve noticed similar behaviors between the people we hire (as well as other top candidates we’ve wished we could) that separates them from the average candidate.

Top Code School graduates:

  • Demonstrate excitement about learning. Is inspired, not deterred.
  • Display curiosity about new information. Courageous.
  • Dabble with side projects. Actively learning, explores rabbit holes.
  • Pursue education outside of class. Teacher’s Office Hours. Peer-to-peer.
  • Shows Initiative. Attends/leads study sessions, mentors other students.

There are also a few other less concrete behaviors:

  • Pursues extracurricular opportunities. Meet ups. Hackathons.
  • Stays for and engages with guess speakers.

I have hesitated in sharing this list out of fear that future students would execute the behaviors without embodying the attitude that accompanies it. However an important, overarching behavior that’s accompanies each item on the list is consistency. You can fake most of these items, for a time, but without the accompanying attitude it won’t last.

If someone comes to mind when you read the behaviors above, send them our way,

* Don’t be too impressed. It’s not thousands.