The Final Challenge of 2017

A Call for Personal Reflection

Reflection is a key part of growth. In the hustle and bustle of a busy life, it’s easy to jump from one task to the next. Taking time to reflect enables us to pick apart past decisions and refine future objectives.

As we near the end of 2017, I’m challenging myself as well as friends and family to share some of their highlights from the past year. The answers can be as short of as long as deemed appropriate. If you find yourself with a little extra time, challenge yourself to ask ‘why’ with each response.

Favorite Song. What was your top played on Spotify or that one that always managed to lift your mood?

Favorite Movie. It doesn’t matter if it was released in 2017 or not. Which movie did you see this year that you enjoyed above all the rest?

Favorite Brand. Every purchase we make casts a vote. What brand/company have you enjoyed following and supporting this year?

Favorite Website. We web is constantly evolving. Which website has delivered the most value or entertainment this year?

Favorite Book. Whether an audio book or a physical copy, what’s been your favorite page turner or caused the most introspection?

Favorite Podcast. Whether a killer episode or something that leavings hungry for more, which podcast has been a chart topper for you?

Favorite Memory. A lot can happen in a year. What has been a defining moment or thought that brings a smile, a tear, or excitement?

Favorite Experience or Trip. Whether a trip over seas, across the country, or right down the street, which experience has marked you more than any other?

Most Impactful Learning. If you can look back at yourself from last year and haven’t learned anything, you’re either fooling yourself or need to make a serious change moving forward. What is something you’ve learned this year?

I’ll be following up with my own review but I’d love to hear your highlights. Feel free to share your post or send me an email:

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CEO @polarnotion. CTO @newstorycharity. Run fast. Stay strong. Go boldly forward. Godspeed ::

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