Instagram and VICE

So I’m following VICE news for my news organization, and being a pretty big, well known, nation-wide news group I expected them to have a lot of activity and they did.

I’ll start out with followers. They have 716k. That’s a lot of traffic.

As you dig in more, and start clicking on the posts, you begin to understand that Instagram isn’t as much of a breaking news source for Vice, while Vice isn’t much of a breaking news organization anyways — they focus in on urban issues and things that are sometimes too real for your local news — in my opinion.

They have a lot of traffic, like I said, and seem to be both engaging readers and doing everything they need to do. It’s similar to any other social media account they uphold. They’re doing good (also avoiding the whole filter thing which I think is a good call (you wouldn’t put a filter on an actual news story)- but to do better, I think maybe as well as highlighting different people, taking pictures behind the scenes, short interview segments, and a little bit of art and music mixed in — they need to remember they are a news source, so maybe find a way to incorporate a little more “hard hitting” news in the sense of the controversial stuff Vice is so famous for that shows up on the first page of their website. Also they’re very good with visuals and showing the story without narration based on the surroundings of the picture or video, and their descriptions.

I had trouble embedding my Instagram video, but I’ve made it public, and it’s the first video on the page. Opens with some blinds. Enjoy!

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