I am choosing to follow the social media platforms of VICE news. It’s a little bias but I am mostly choosing to do this because I like this news source, and they have multiple platforms: Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and a Discover feature on Snapchat. 
VICE News defines themselves as: “An international news organization created by and for a connected generation. We provide an unvarnished look at some of the most important events of our time, highlight under-reported stories from around the globe, and get to the heart of the matter with reporters who call it like they see it.
 I agree with this, and I will say that their views are expressed as very liberal, but I like their approach to the news, and how they report on issues other than business and economy which is obviously very important, but I find that it clogs up a lot of the news sources I follow’s feed.
 I’m excited to look further into all of these pages, each platform has a huge follower base and they have a lot of posts on all of them. I’m looking to see the visual appeal to these posts, as well as how they word things- titles, tweets, etc. I’m also looking to see the similarities among pages, I notice a lot of social media for news sources more or less regurgitates the same information at the same time on different pages. I’m looking to see if Vice News does it differently, or if they’re just using automated sharing on all of their different social media accounts. 
 I’ve noticed that VICE News has multiple types of each of these accounts, like Instagram and Facebook where they have
VICE News and VICE pages. I plan to look into the differentiation of that.
 I’ve also noticed that while Facebook and Twitter are mostly relaying news articles from off of the VICE website, the Instagram is very different, and I plan to assess that further.
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