Behind the Scenes: Acquisitions Inc.

Môrgæn and Morgan share a motto: one shot one kill. Also, I do not take any credit for this image. All rights, reservations, and everything else go to Penny Arcade.

Lots more pictures are below:

The calm before the storm…AKA…Morgan gets nervous that she will be in front of thousands of people and suddenly forget how to do basic math.
This is the first time I met the amazing Holly Conrad in person. I saved all my trash for her!!! 🗑❤️. I hope it makes up for the chicken thing 🐓🐓🍗🍗.
Getting mic’d up to go on. Patrick Rothfuss isn’t punchy, he’s just clutching his velvet bag of dice.
The assho…I mean, our amazing, fantastic, nice, sweet GM Mike Krahulik. He made a bunch of money on loot crates, and very, very, very much enjoyed closing the Battle Royale circle on us.
Omin makes a choice. No spoilers here, you have to watch the video.
After the game we went out to celebrate remembering our basic math — even in front of thousands of people! Yes it was raining.
Things I love about PAX : The Freeplay Area, and Pin Trading. Fun fact: you have to make kissy-face noises when you put those two pins together. Sorry, them’s the rules.




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Morgan Webb

Morgan Webb

Bonfire Studios

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