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Did you seriously just condescendingly accuse someone of having the article go over their head, and then in the same paragraph show that you completely failed to understand what was said?

The professor never said “I have black friends”. It wasn’t the professor who brought up not saying n — — r, or not hating, it was the author.

People bridle when they are challenged. Imagine the prof’s point of view. She believes she knows more about the subject than her student, so she views the student as an upstart. It is completely inappropriate and wrong for her to take it to the lengths she did, social media and whatnot, and some sort of reprimand, and possibly even dismissal was appropriate, I will leave that to the institutions code of conduct. What the author has done is taken a shitty, overconfident, lazy professor and turned it into not only that professor being racist, but a larger point about white allies being racist, and as far as I can see, there is no justification for that position.

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