Story Time: How’d I Get My Username?

Handsome YouTube viewer Nosnoug comments:

Congratulations on 3000 subs! It’s a fantastic achievement and I thoroughly enjoy watching your videos. Here’s to many more!
Out of curiosity, how did you acquire the name Morjax, or is it a trade secret?
Keep up the good work buddy

Now Settle in, grab a hot beverage (albeit a small one, the story’s not THAT long, mate), and cozy up for story time.

Thanks for the kind words, Nosnoug! It’s a pretty neat thing.
As for my username, there’s a lot less background story than you’d think:
Many moons ago when I was but a wee lad, a mini morjax if you will, in Junior High school I played my first MMORPG, Runescape! Now, I would go to the local public library after school because they had actual internet, and not just crappy dialup (I remember waiting actual minutes for HomeStar Runner videos to load, and literally watching HamsterDance load in line by painful line).
Upon trying to log in for the first time, I was prompted with a now familiar dialogue: please select a username. Well I simply hadn’t come prepared. Picture if you will, a 7th grade pimpley Morjax sitting at the public library computer, during my scheduled 30 minutes of use of their internet (you had to sign up so everybody could get a turn, of course! Sharing is caring, or someting!). In that moment, I literally randomly picked something that sounded cool to my 12-year-old brain: MORJAX. Luckily for me, I didn’t pick something embarrassing like 24xxCrazyGameDudexx42. That would have been quite a mess. And, well, after that the rest is history!
The name always sounded fine to me, so I stuck with it. I later adopted “mookiemorjax” as an alternate Runescape character (and later still, “scubamorjax”), and also for websites where “morjax” was already taken — It was some bloke from England, I think. I’ve since muscled the pretender out of my rightful handle :P
So that’s the story all about how my username got flip-turned upside down!
Hope to hear form you soon,
❤ Morjax

Have you finished your hot beverage yet? I warned you not to get a large one.

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