Is it equal rights for all, if the right is to not be considered equal? Questions for the protest.

Shepard Fairey, Street Artist to Capitalisms Propagandist.

Im not a conservative. I’m not liberal. I’m not a Democrat or Republican. I hate how each has become more and more like a cult. I really long for a Radical change in the party ideas of this country. I guess it’s happening, with the Alt Right, rise of Trump and uber libs all finding more of a stronghold in societies virtual world. I guess it makes sense that people feel more comfortable on the internet to be themselves or more importantly be who they wish they were in RL.

It’s sad and it’s not the change I hoped for. I wanted a group maybe even called the Radical Party. A group that said we take each issue and look at the circumstances, Radical huh? Life is far too unique to put a blanket over it and label it. The Common Sense Party, where we see what was practical, we could be more human taking considerations, a party that was concerned about the greater good of people and the crucial environment that enables us to be here. A party that did not allow lobbying. A party that spotlighted the others who condone lobbyists. Not so wrapped up in hurling insults or having to agree with something because it’s in our mission statement or from our funding. In fact our mission statement would be simple — A Greater good each day. The only thing we would be better than — is yesterday. Doing good by others. It’s my same thought on religion. And why it’s hard for me to really stand behind any church, they all tend to ignore Jesus when it fits their own belief. But it’s what happens when humans are in charge, I get it I am it. So many of us, we are driven by insecurity so we have more faults than those who exist in their own truth. But enough….

I’ll just say this, America is a Democracy under the hijab of Capitalism. And I have so many questions. So I’m writing from a place of if you can help me understand, please help. Shed some light. How Shepard Fairey created one of the images he did, bewilders me. Unless, it was a trending hashtag of a hot seat subject which he knew could mean $$$$$$$$. Then it all makes sense. It seems this image is more propaganda than rebellion. Why didn’t Ol’ Shep, if he doesn’t mind me calling him that, just use an image of Muhammad? Or was that not American?

Well, I can answer that one for him — - he would have received death threats and / or worse using that image. And why? Seriously, why? We see Jesus everywhere, I shared a meme with Jesus in it!

Now Shep used this image of a woman wearing an American flag hijab in his “We The People” posters *ahem cough money*. He made a few other posters, and the others I really like. In fact I may have purchased if I didn’t have the thoughts I did on this particular one. The native America poster with his fist in the air is rad, even though at first glance I thought it was an internet poster ad for American Spirit cigarettes and that’s not a joke. I think the Native American poster is deep and as rich as the history we can summarize from it. It’s beautiful. It is rebellion. And makes sense to use in a protest. But I’m sure you, just like I, rarely saw it.

The questions I have are with the American flag hijab. Now the hijab is meant for women to wear as a veil covering themselves as to say what? I’ve read many different things. That its not a directive from sharia law, it’s just a way for women to dress modestly and show reserve in public. Now, why? I mean that — why? I would hate to believe what I’ve read. And that would be that a women’s body is corrupting to men and they need to be covered up. I’m sure any contemporary hijab wearing woman may possibly say that’s not true so I am asking why? What is the belief system behind wearing a hijab?

Its law of the land in Saudi Arabia and Iran. And the punishment can be….. lashings. Hmm.. doesn’t seem to match up with what America views as liberty. I don’t want to go into the other laws concerning women in the Middle East because it’s so far from justice and liberty for all, in particular women. I’m guessing most of the women holding up that poster would not opt to go live in a land where the law restricts so many of her freedoms. And this is why it’s so rad to live in America. Because even though we ain’t perfect, we acknowledge there should be justice liberty and equality for all. Even though when that was written by our founding fathers, they were talking about land owners at that time, a clever way to still oppress women, black people, and poor people.

*read A People’s History of The United States of America by Howard Zinn its compiled with interesting facts*

But what I really want to ask is why did this become a poster? Shep? It’s seems like a cheap gimmick to sell posters — take the hottest most contested misunderstood belief systems symbol and pair it with another symbol, that I would say stands for a real different belief system, you may disagree but this is what I’m trying to figure out. Seriously, could you imagine if it became law of the land for women in America to have to wear a hijab? When this concept was brought up around my American teenage daughter the reaction was knee jerk. And it’s not so far fetched, with Islam there is no separation between church and state that’s why sharia law rules the land. So wouldn’t supporting this mean you support the joining of church and state? Or is it just supporting it on a superficial level, like not the core beliefs behind the symbol just the symbol and ability to wear it? I don’t know this is getting too deep for me.

I think Shep went from street artist to propagandist. Because this doesn’t seem like a real rebellion to the Trump era. In the Trump era misogyny is trending. If you told me that Trump said he loves hijabs because not all women have a face that should be shown in public, I could believe it. Seems like a diss he’d tweet. And I can’t imagine, just like my teenager couldn’t, having to cover my head/face every time I went in public. Or having to always be escorted by a man, either husband or male family member, just another law. So if Shep knew this, any of this, how does he create that art? Is it an expression of rebellion within rebellion? Again maybe too deep for me. Or should we just put zero thought into it and just buy and support the poster because it looks cool and others are doing it?

I think America always needs to be a melting pot. I believe America needs to be the refuge for those fleeing oppression. It’s what makes America beautiful, it’s a home for losers — losers in a sense that they’ve lost whatever majority power in their own land so we come here to share the power. In Americas foundation it tries to give freedom to everyone. At its core it is a liberating force. So for me knowing what I do about the garment the hijab, and maybe my mindset is incorrect, but when I see only one gender covering their face it looks oppressing. To me it looks like women aren’t equals. Women who wear the hijab, Is that true?

Shep, did your poster mean to convey the message Equality for All, including those who want to be treated as they are not equals? Yeah in America equal rights for all but what does a head covering mean anywhere?

Imagine if it was law to have to either wear your wedding ring or a “single” ring. And if you didn’t it could be a punishable offense. Now I guess I wouldn’t mind at all, I love my wedding ring and everything it stands for. But how about a single ring? Wearing one of those at 40 probably would not be a fashion trend. Is not even close to being a sexist analogy but it’s the closest thing I think any American born person could relate.

Maybe I’m missing the point or maybe I’m asking the wrong questions. I take pride in rebellion, and this poster seems ironical — saying we are free to be oppressed. Which maybe that’s what America is all about anyway? Right? Unless you’re rich. And the guy who made the poster is, so why would he give a rip about the meaning of a cause if he can make money?

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