Trophies & Snowflakes = ‘M3R1C4

The real class[ification] divide between those who believe liberals are snowflakes and that everyone should not get a trophy, and the intolerant of intolerance, the you can’t just say someone’s racist when they express themselves about why they deem Islam horrific to women *ahem cough, Ben Affleck, cough, btw I think he knows this but it would not be racism but bigotry** just a footnote for when mighty Ben wants to be Batman on Bill Maher, in defense of an ideology that he probably wouldn’t agree with if he knew how their law treated gays and women.

The issue in America is people ceased being people, becoming casualties to the crowd, the group Mentality, sheeple if I will. It’s so easy to work up a crowd into chanting the same thing even if not everyone agrees. And that is what’s grossly on display in America right now. I’ve been in what I believed to be discussions where the other side took a hard right turn and just ended dialogue by stating that “well he doesn’t believe that everyone in this country should get a trophy”…. While I didn’t quite understand how he got their because I wasn’t talking about trophies or everyone getting one. In fact, let me ask you — when’s the last time you got a trophy? Seriously. I know it’s a metaphor for some but for a lot of grown ass men it’s not. They really think that a group of little leaguers who lost will become entitled if they got a second place or participation trophy. That’s a real concern. I’ve witnessed it. I worked in the media and heard real complaints from fathers believing it will ruin their boys if they loss and get a trophy.

My concern — that grown ass men are worried about who gets a fucking trophy. Excuse me sir, your insecurity's showing. Get over it asshats. Maybe smarter people that you, have studied children and come to a conclusion that it helps children? I don’t know but just seems like a petty thing to base your political beliefs off. And this is the basis, this has been translated into why they don’t want universal healthcare, why college shouldn’t be for free and what makes you tough or not. Petty, petty, and real fucking dumb. Again, don’t mean to bother you sir but your insecurities are showing. Often it comes across as bitter, a bitterness born of resentments that they didn’t get free college or it’s too late for them. A bitter resentment that they don’t want others to do well or *Oh my gosh ready for this!!!* maybe even do better than them! A suppressing mentality usually is based in fear🖕🏻, the fear of others far surpassing you. Unfortunately, others are right in their assessment of these persons — they are closed minded, they don’t want to know anything outside of what they already know, why because they’re right. And no room to know no room to grow.

Now the problem with snowflakes is the delicateness, right? They can’t handle anything that isn’t totally fair… huh weird complaint. But I do hold people in contempt when they take something fair and give it an unfair stigma and rally against it. Something as simple as Jimmy Kimmel at the Oscars jokingly repeating an interesting name like Oscar winner Mahershala Ali. People have taken to tweeter to condemn Kimmel, claiming as a white guy he’s never seen an interesting name before, then making him out to be a villain who was super bullying Mahershala. This! This is yelling fire in a crowded theater when there is no fire. These people who, btw most of them had pretty unique names themselves, lashed out at Kimmel saying he was racist… seemed to be stemmed from their own insecurity. Because anyone watching didn’t see a glaring racist agenda to Kimmel’s jokes. And it seemed like you really had to put some thought into it… since I’ve been alive I’ve know people with unique names to get attention over it. Yup even white people. So what happens when people do this… well it makes the real racism complaints much less credible. And it’s horrendous, there is real racism in America. But to yell it every day all day at everything really discredits the fight. What I hope to help pass along to those lacking it, was something someone taught to me long ago, Discernment. Look it up. It will help you. It will help the cause. And honestly, we could all use a better discernment gage, all of us. We know oppression is real but it’s not subtlety in everything. It’s not. Some people like Kimmel have this thing called humor, which jokes can sometimes be at others expense but the intent is what matters. Do you think Kimmels intent was to show the world that the name of someone meant he was less of a person, a person who btw won an academy award. Or point out something unique lightheartedly and humorously. But there’s no point for me to write this explanation, because the militantly oppressed are always at war. Needing to see oppression in everything so their cause is just. And trust me, if all you’re looking for is negative that’s all you’ll see. The crowds can really swallow people on this one, no one wants to be standing on the side of the finger being pointed at, while chants of racist or phobist or something-ist is being hurled at them. So if you’re the one to yell it first, you couldn’t possibly be it. It also ends discussions quickly. Instead of a dialogue when someone’s labeled then the dialogue because a PR defense. And real talk gets lost.

A real message is for both crowds — the Always Right Trump and his Trumpatics (like politics buts Trumps special way of doing it) and the far/out left need to remember an old Native American saying — left wing or right wing it’s all part of the same bird. And I think this class divide needs to humanize itself. Because when you point the finger yelling enemy, remember there are three fingers pointing back at you. What’s our part? Maybe to be human. Understand we humans are flawed. Instead of telling someone their an — ist , ask them.. that sounds racist, is that what you meant? Are you being……? Communication. It’s what we need, not apologies not confirmations of winning or greatness. But listening and hearing. Honesty. Everyone become a component of deception for the cause, no matter the cause. Look at Reza Aslan, dude just got a TV show and he’s based himself off deception, misleading people on his credentials and staking him claim as the academic guru. When someone like that you would think know not to lie about the most basic thing like what their PhD is in? Simple right? But no because he’s a deceptive component to a larger cause. And he’s a fraud, know that, hes a false teacher and is toxic to society. Watch how many times he Trumps himself up and claims to be the de facto final say in things or brags about his credentials or makes his word gospel truth. When most of academia is more hesitant to stake such claims. I should have called this Signs of a Fraud.

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