400+ Free Resources for DevOps & SysAdmins

In 2014, Google indexed 200 Terabytes of data (1 TB of data is equal to 1024 GB, to give you some perspective) — and this only accounts for about .004% of the entire internet. Basically, the internet is a massive place with unlimited information.

So in an effort to decrease searching and increase developing, Morpheus Data has published this massive list of free resources for DevOps engineers and System Admins — or really anyone who wants to build something useful with the help of the internet.

All these resources are free, or offer some kind of free trial or free tier. You can use any of these tools personally, as a company, or even make improvements (on Github). It’s up to you.

If you find this list useful, please share it with your DevOps/SysAdmin friends on your favorite social network, or visit Morpheus Data to learn how you can 4x your application deployment.

NOTE: The complete, updated list can be found Here.

Easy, infrastructure-agnostic cloud application management. 1 Click provisioning. Automatic monitoring, logging, alerting. Pure awesome.

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