On Becoming Anti-Bernie
Robin Alperstein

“An analysis of the Vermont senator’s spending and tax proposals conducted by Gerald Friedman, an economist at the University of Massachusetts Amherst obtained byTheStreet indicates that many Americans would be much better off with Sanders in the White House. The analysis was first reported by CNNMoney.

Friedman, who says he drew most of his methodologies and numbers from the Congressional Budget Office, found that if the candidate were elected and able to push his plans through Congress — spending programs, progressive tax increases and regulatory changes — the median household income would soar by about $22,000 by 2026, and the gap between the rich and poor would narrow dramatically.

According to the analysis, Sanders’ plan to pour $14.5 trillion into the economy over a 10-year span would mean nearly 26 million jobs would be created, and unemployment would fall to 3.8%. Poverty would drop to 6%, compared to the CBO’s forecast of 13.9%, and the economy would grow by 5.3% annually, instead of 2.1%. A minimum wage increase and tax hikes on the wealthy and corporations would lead to a shift in income to the middle class.”

Hillary is not a Liberal. She is slightly, and only slightly, to the left of Jeb Bush. Sanders is a True Blue, FDR, New Deal, Democrat. Every one of his proposals is mirrored in FDR’s Economic Bill of Rights. There are over 1500 delegates left. There are now less than 200 delegates between Sanders and Hillary. Should he win NY it is over for Hillary. Sanders is projected to win nearly all the remaining states. He’s practically tied in CA right now and still picking up voters. Anyone supporting Hillary saying that a candidate who directly collects 10s of millions of dollars from corporate interests, is not having their policies influenced by that kind of money, is simply not credible. How can anyone go against a corporation when the only way they can get elected is by taking huge sums of money from them. Do you honestly believe those companies are giving 10s of millions to her charities and campaign if they thought there was any chance of her passing legislation that might hurt them?

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