Developer Wanted

We are looking for individuals who have a vision to improve how people interact with blockchain assets and the software used to manage a dynamic digital portfolio. We care less about location, industry and experience and more about talent, purpose and motivation.

Backend Developer

  • Javascript, Angular, NODE.js, GitHub
  • Implementing and Maintaining API and SDK’s
  • NEO and/or BTC, ETH Development Experience is a plus

As an early team member you will have a say in the framework and languages used going forward. Please send resume and GitHub link to:

Morpheus is an independent team of developers that is 100% bootstrapped with no external funding or support. If you would like to support our work please send donations to:

NEO/GAS: ANHNVSqgwBmrff8oe1VUi8ZEhGcFp8WkDy
LTC: LhN4Y7QiYpefjyGHp8Fz4Jn9UoRiEf5VQs
ETH: 0xd889d0a7558FD138C0817EeCe8F411e4a52b9E34
BTC: 3AcH6ewZyLj8GWbUjRn8zHpdubcTqDnWTM

If you are interested in investing please contact us at

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