How to participate in a Token Sale using Morpheus Wallet

!! PLEASE NOTE — We have removed the Token Sale drop down menu in V0.0.56 — If you are using Morpheus v0.0.55 to participate in a token sale, please make sure your select the correct Token and that the sale is still ongoing.

Recently we added a new feature called “Token Sale” to the Morpheus wallet that allows qualified users to participate in a NEP5 ICO sale on the NEO blockchain.

It is important to remember that ICO’s/Token Sales may require you to register and submit KYC and AML documentation in order to qualify. Sending NEO to a token sale that has ended or not started yet may result in your NEO being lost forever. Please always check the token sale website for instructions before participarting.

OK — that being said, lets look at how easy it is to participate in a Token Sale using Morpheus v0.0.55. In this example we will participating in the CGE Token Sale from our friends at using Morpheus.

Please visit the Concierge website for more info:

Concierge Token Sale Information:

Started March 31st 2018
NEO price pegged at $115 for CGE tokens sale.

0 to 3 Hrs: 1 NEO = 438 CGE ($0.116 per CGE)
3 to 6 Hrs: 1 NEO = 387 CGE ($0.131 per CGE)
6 to 12 Hrs: 1 NEO = 346 CGE ($0.146 per CGE)
12 Hrs Plus: 1 NEO = 329 CGE ($0.154 per CGE)

Minimum Contribution: 1 NEO
Maximum Contribution: 500 NEO

1. If you have not done so already, download and install Morpheus v0.0.55 for Mac or PC from here. — Morpheus v0.0.55

2. Login to Morpheus using either a saved address, or load and save an address with funds by entering your encrypted key and password or your private key and saving in Morpheus. Your private data is never shared online.

3. Click “Token Sale”. Please carefully read all tokens sale warnings and disclaimers.

4. From the “Select Token” drop down menu, select “Concierge (CGE)”.

5. Enter the amount of NEO you wish to send to the CGE Token Sale. Minimum is 1 NEO, maximum is 500 NEO. When you are ready click “Send Now” once.

6. You must confirm the transaction before you receive your freshly minted CGE tokens. Read the confirmation warning before proceeding. Click “Confirm” to proceed.

7. Congratulations! You have successfully participated in the Concierge (CGE) token sale.

8. Your transaction will take approximately 1–2 minutes for the CGE tokens to appear in your portfolio in Morpheus. Click the Morpheus logo to refresh your balance. Please check your Transaction History.

9. You can now also send and receive CGE tokens using Morpheus Wallet. Enjoy!

If you have any questions, please contact us in our Discord for support.