Morpheus Wallet v0.0.37 Beta is now live on the NEO Test Network.

Morpheus v0.0.37 Beta

After conducting private alpha testing for the last few weeks, we have decided to do some limited public beta testing as we continually improve the UI and UX.

Morpheus v0.0.37 Beta is now available for download for Mac and Windows locked on the NEO Test Network. It focuses on core functionality and some features may be greyed out and/or are not activated.

The purpose of participating in this beta software program is providing feedback on the quality and usability of the Morpheus Wallet. If you encounter any problems please report them in the Morpheus Slack Channel or post an issue ticket on the Github repo.

Beta Releases

Features available in this beta release

  • Beta version 0.0.37 is on the NEO Test Network ONLY
  • Create a new NEO address
  • View NEO address private data
  • Save new NEO address to Morpheus Wallet
  • Login via encrypted private key and password
  • Login via private key
  • Encrypt private key and Save address to Morpheus Wallet
  • Send NEO/GAS on Test Network
  • Receive NEO/GAS on Test Network
  • Claim Gas on Test Network
  • View Transaction History ( Test Network is down)

Please refer to the Morpheus Beta Wiki for more information. Please understand that participation in the beta testing program is voluntary and Morpheus is not liable for any loss or damage. Do not send NEO from the Live Network to an address that you do not have the encrypted private key, password and/or private key for.


You can download beta v0.0.37-beta for Mac and Windows from our Morpheus Beta Github Repo here:

You can join our Morpheus Slack Channel for some test NEO and GAS one you have installed Morpheus.

We plan to release another beta soon that will include an updated login/create wallet flow, fix a couple glitches like number formatting for combined totals as well as activated dash charts and other features.

We’ve got very limited test NEO and GAS available in our slack channel. Once you have created a new NEO test network address or logged in using an existing address, post your PUBLIC address in our slack channel to get test NEO and GAS. Please remember this is on the NEO Test Network, so an address from an exchange (like Bittrex or Binance) will not work.

If you already have test NEO and GAS, you’re more than welcomed to give Morpheus a try and share test NEO/GAS with the community.


Thank you for all the feedback and support, especially to all who have signed up for the beta testing program. We would also like to thank and acknowledge Ethan Fast and CoZ for their contributions to the NEO community, NEON Wallet, and open source software development that make projects like this possible.


NEO/GAS: AG3p13w3b1PT7UZtsYBoQrt6yjjNhPNK8b
Bitcoin: 17mE9Y7ERqpn6oUn5TEteNrnEmmXUsQw76
Litecoin: LhN4Y7QiYpefjyGHp8Fz4Jn9UoRiEf5VQs

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