Morpheus v0.0.52 Now Available and Partnership with Loopring

Morpheus v0.0.51 now available with over a dozen NEP5 tokens, BTC and LTC

Updated to v0.0.52 for Windows & Mac

We left NEO DEVCON San Francisco invigorated, like we had just been given the ultimate pre-game pep talk talk by Al Pacino in Any Given Sunday. Except my coach was the soft spoken NEO Smart Economy Founder, Da Hong Fei, and my team mates were all the other developers. We all left with one mission, to continue building… to continue creating… to do better, and to work harder.

Since our return over a month ago, we have been forging new partnerships, working relentlessly to add NEP5 token support, Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), add Ledger hardware support and will soon be pushing an update with Ethereum support as well as a wide selection of popular ERC20 tokens along with other exciting new features.

Morpheus Wallet partners with Loopring

“ Loopring Foundation has entered into an expanded agreement with Morpheus Wallet. The aim of the partnership is to create an integrated solution on NEO Smart Economy and ethereum Blockchain.
Loopring is the protocol for decentralized exchanges. With Loopring, all building blocks of a traditional exchange are disassembled and put together again as different roles in a decentralised environment. These roles include wallets, relays, liquidity sharing consortium blockchains, order-book browsers, ring-miners, and asset tokenisation services.”

Read full press release here

Morpheus v0.0.52 now available for download

NEO/GAS/NEP5/BTC/LTC wallets enabled

TLDR — Download Morpheus v0.0.52
(please read update notice and feature list below and on download page)

Major Update — Please Read Below

This is a major update. Please carefully read the full feature list below before downloading Morpheus. Withdrawing funds from your Ledger Nano S is currently disabled. This feature, among many others, will be added in future updates over the next few weeks.

Morpheus v0.0.52 contains the following features:

  • Login via encrypted key and password
  • Encrypt a private key with a password and save to Morpheus
  • Create new NEO address and save to Morpheus
  • View NEO/GAS balance
  • Send and receive NEO/GAS
  • View NEP5 token balances
  • Send and receive NEP5 tokens
  • View NEO/GAS/NEP5 transaction history
  • Create and Save Bitcoin (BTC) Address to Morpheus using NEO Encrypted Key and Password
  • Enter Bitcoin (BTC) private key to load existing funds
  • View BTC balance in the portfolio
  • Send and Receive Bitcoin (BTC)
  • View BTC transaction history
  • Create and Save Litecoin (LTC) Address to Morpheus
  • Enter Litecoin (LTC) private key to load existing funds
  • View Litecoin (LTC) balance in the portfolio
  • Send and Receive Litecoin (LTC)
  • View Litecoin (LTC) transaction history
  • View NEO/GAS balance on Ledger Nano S in the dashboard (Withdrawals coming soon)
  • Send NEO/GAS to Ledger Nano S from the dashboard from another NEO address used in Morpheus
  • Login and view NEP5 tokens balances on Ledger Nano S
  • View NEO/GAS/NEP5 transaction history on Ledger Nano S
  • Shapeshift Exchange (BTC,LTC,ETH,XMR to NEO)
  • Changelle Exchange (BTC to NEO)

An update will be available soon that will allow withdrawing NEO/GAS and NEP tokens from your Ledger Nano S. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Features coming soon:

  • Send/Withdraw funds from Ledger Nano S
  • Loopring NEP5 Airdrop
  • Loopring Exchange Protocol
  • New NEP5 Tokens
  • Create and Save Ethereum (ETH) Address to Morpheus
  • Enter Ethereum (ETH) private key to load existing funds
  • View Ethereum (ETH) balance in the portfolio
  • Send and Receive Ethereum (ETH)
  • Send and Receive ERC20 Tokens
  • View Ethereum (ETH) transaction history


Morpheus v0.0.52

Mac Installer

311 MB

Windows Installer

83.9 MB Morpheus-Beta.Setup.0.0.52.exe

If you encounter any issues, please submit them as issues on our GitHub repo or post them in the Discord support chat.

Morpheus is an independent team of developers with no external funding or support. If you would like to support our work:

NEO/GAS: ANHNVSqgwBmrff8oe1VUi8ZEhGcFp8WkDy
LTC: LhN4Y7QiYpefjyGHp8Fz4Jn9UoRiEf5VQs
ETH: 0xd889d0a7558FD138C0817EeCe8F411e4a52b9E34
BTC: 3AcH6ewZyLj8GWbUjRn8zHpdubcTqDnWTM