Surveys, Feedback and Updates

Morpheus has been available for public beta testing for one week and we would like to thank everyone who has participated so far. We would also like to thank those who took the time to complete our beta testing program survey and provided us with feedback and suggestions.

We have improved the login process thanks to user feedback

The focus of the v0.0.37 beta was to get feedback about the login process and saving your address to Morpheus. Based on survey responses, we have made the entire process a lot more intuitive and the upcoming beta will include these changes along with some design improvements thanks to suggestions from our growing community.

We have also been working on the UI for the Changelly exchange services which will allow you to swap BTC for NEO by generating a BTC address you deposit bitcoin to and in exchange receive NEO directly to your Morpheus Wallet. The long-term goal is to introduce a Morpheus liquidity token which will allow users to swap assets across blockchains using NEO Smart Contract and NeoX, but that’s a topic we will discuss in another post.

An updated Morpheus beta will be available this week from our Github repo which will include more features and updates. Follow us on Twitter or join the Slack to keep updated. Thanks again to everyone who downloaded and provided feedback. If you would like to support our work you can send a small donation to one the following addresses:

NEO/GAS: AG3p13w3b1PT7UZtsYBoQrt6yjjNhPNK8b
Bitcoin: 17mE9Y7ERqpn6oUn5TEteNrnEmmXUsQw76
Litecoin: LhN4Y7QiYpefjyGHp8Fz4Jn9UoRiEf5VQs

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