Leveraging Cloud, and avoiding CDN fail. Pt 2.


Here we are on Friday, hope your week was excellent! Even if its not going to be over for you until midnight due to a deadline or just plain workaholism.

Assuming you read through part one, lets break out the cases here:

  1. CBS streaming.

CBS is either not buying enough capacity, or has a backend unworthy of the caching services of a CDN. So, how would leveraging Cloud assets fix that?

This one is easy. CBS likely has a single datacenter, or maybe 2, mirrored by a CDN. CBS could build an autoscaling Cloud setup on all three of Amazons US zones, and at least 4 of Googles US zones. This is not quite building ones own CDN, and is bit less involved than say, Netflix’s setup, but at this phase of the products life cycle, would get the job done, and if it did not, CBS could work with one or two of the newer scrappier CDN’s on a metro by metro basis to improve performance. Of course, that would include some DNS wizardry, but what doesn't these days?

2. Steam Account issues.

This one.. well, this is part of a larger subject of just how much and what type of data you let the CDN have control over, and how often you reconsider your network needs. Many years ago when Steam started out, an all-inclusive solution from Akamai was likely the only option for what Steam needed at the time.

But 2016 is very different from 2005. The whole internet has grown considerably, and just the infosec lessons learned alone merit rethinking of how to build your products network. Its obvious somewhere along the line Steam missed the memo on having more control.

If they are not doing things very differently now, you can bet they have a team working on it. And you can bet some of that talk is leveraging cloud assets. If I were part of that team, I’d be advocating a purpose built cloud similar to the Netflix setup, and then protecting it with one of the new “security at the DNS layer” companies.

Now, I’m not saying CDN’s do not have a place, they absolutely do. But in $current_year, relying on them for everything is just not a smart move.

Thanks for reading, Any comments about CDN fail or taking control of things yourself in the cloud are appreciated :)