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Morrison Moving recognizes that moving to a new home, apartment or condo is a large task that may easily lead to nervousness. To help decrease the worrying about moving, we have put together some moving tips to help you.

Work with a Moving Company

Hiring a professional moving company will decrease the amount of work and tension included in moving. In case you’re set on moving yourself, we would suggest that you getting insurance when renting a truck.

Label All Your Boxes

Boxes must not only be labeled with their proper contents, but also with the planned room they should go in. In case you are moving a large home, consider investing in a label printer to effectively label each box.

Use Plenty Of Plastic Wrap

Plastic wrap will help as a working solution to securing and protecting things like plates, glass and other items. For larger items utilize it to protecting furniture from dents and scratches. Use lots!

Pack Fragile Items Properly

To protect against damage, we advise the use of paper. Place all dishes wrapped in paper vertically inside a box. Consider buying pre-segmented boxes for glassware also helps prevent breakage.

Color Code and Label Electronics Cords

Take photos of how Electronics are set up. We suggest color coding and labeling the cords to all your electronics, so you remember exactly the way they were set up.

Keep a Home Essentials Ready

You will want to keep items like a toothbrush, a change of clothes, and kitchen utensils and plates on hand.

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