Reasons to Consider a Professional Piano Moving Company

Moving a piano is usually a very difficult activity. It is encouraged that pianos need to be moved by a trained specialist that has special knowledge and skills. To help you recognize what is required in moving a piano, we have listed some info below to aid you in choosing the right mover. 
 What is the main difference between using the services of a professional piano mover versus a general mover?

The main for selecting a professional piano mover is they will have the correct training and equipment to deal with a piano. Where the general mover will not.
Were you aware that the normal upright piano can weigh between 400 and 900 pounds?

Grand pianos can weigh between 650 and 1300 pounds. The value of a piano will vary from a few hundred dollars to half a million dollars depending on the condition, make, model and age of the piano. Nearly all piano moves calls for moving the instrument through a limited space just like a small door frame or staircase. Occasionally, the piano would need to be taken apart to get it out of your property. Using and skilled professional piano mover will greatly decrease the risk of damage to the instrument and your home. 
 For those who employ the service of a professional piano mover, two to three staff come to your household correctly geared up with piano skids, ramps, slings, moving pads and the experience to move your piano safely. They’ll use particular techniques to steer the piano out of your house. When the piano is placed on the truck, it will be carefully secured to the truck to be able to avoid damage during transport. 
 Being a piano mover, we have run into many conditions where a customer has hired a typical mover to move their piano and had to make an emergency call to Morrison Moving. Unfortunately, the standard mover wasn’t able to get the piano out of their clients property. In other situations, we have received calls from customers who chosen the most inexpensive piano mover from Craigslist and that piano mover decided not to show up on the day of the move. They called us for an emergency move.
 The ideal way to find a great piano mover is to search Google for a professional piano mover. You can also contact piano stores or teachers. They can recommend a very good piano mover. 
 Should you be in the Hamilton, Burlington, Niagara area and want a five-star piano mover, consider Morrison Moving. Call us at (905) 525–8332 for a quote.

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