Try to avoid hidden charges when moving

Just about every move is capable of having hidden costs. That is why it’s crucial to review your moving contract. We suggest that you take a good look at the movers agreement to know how they charge for some conditions. You will need to ask questions to get a crystal-clear understanding of the moving services so you can protect yourself from unexpected charges.

Requesting Rush Services
If you need your things to be moved faster you can go over it with the moving company. In most cases it might cost you extra.

Charges for extra stops

Some time you may be required to do pick ups or extra stops. Sometimes it is charged extra. If you would like to have more things to be picked up along the way or dropped off, your moving costs will rise.

Big and Bulky items

Should you have larger things that are bulky you may have to pay extra for them. These can include pianos and pool tables. In case you are moving into an condo and there is no elevator on hand, you could be charged more for going up and down the stairs.

Cancelling the move
If you prefer to cancel the service, there could be a deadline for that. Examine your agreement to find out the exact conditions. When you have you have paid a deposit for your move, the movers have a right to a cancellation fee.

In summury, it’s a good idea to ask a lot of questions before signing a moving contract. Protect your self from hidden costs.

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