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Is that so wrong?

I have actually been home-free for the last nine years, choosing to make the kinds of sacrifices that fellow entrepreneurs accept as normal and civilians tend to judge (often harshly, but I digress). Losing house and home and virtually everything else during the Great Recession, circa 2010, coincided with the introduction of my entrepreneurial project, Spiritual Workout, a personal growth practice. So instead of launching it from a lofty perch of a cushy, best-practices financial runway, I would do so instead from the bottom of a deep, dark ditch of financial ruin, homelessness, pennilessness, and emotional upheaval. Whatever.

The good news was that my escape from that hellscape would happen in short order because my work, conveniently enough, is all about giving people tools to solve problems and create futures free of them. It’s an outgrowth of my experience as a psychotherapist and I’ll cop to being really good at this one thing, this practice. Screaming mad? Be present by accepting things as they are, without judgment. For starters. Victim of the economy? Taking responsibility means not being a victim of anything and, besides, plenty of people are doing just fine so…better to root out any beliefs that created the losses and intend to be one of the ones who’s just fine instead. Got it. Freak out when there’s only $1.35 to your name at the end of the day or be grateful for having $1.35 more than was needed that day? Grateful. Make it your business not to freak out about anything, ever? On it. Give up because none of the pain and struggle seems worth it or listen to inspiration and that voice that whispers, “keep going?” I’m all over it. Next? …


Steven Morrison

We are not going back.

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