Re-invent Wi-Fi for IoT while kick-starting your career.

Morse Micro
Oct 21 · 2 min read

At Morse Micro, we are re-inventing Wi-Fi for the Internet of Things. We are developing the industry’s first Wi-Fi HaLow silicon chip that securely connects smart devices over long distances using minimal power.

Morse Micro’s founding team consists of world-class engineers including the original inventors of Wi-Fi and the team that developed the chips found in the majority of modern smartphones.

If you follow Morse Micro, you will know that our team is growing fast. In the past four months we have expanded globally, opening offices in Hangzhou, China and Irvine, California, USA. We have doubled our headcount and are looking to hire another 15 people in the next 12 months. Our typical hire has at least 15 years engineering experience, a PhD, or both.

We also receive hundreds of enquiries from passionate engineering students and recent graduates, excited to read about Morse Micro’s revolutionary technology. These students want to know if there are any internship or graduate positions available and how they can use their university experience, energy and enthusiasm to jump in and learn from our unique team. It is painful for us to ask these students to apply later and reinforce the stereotypical graduate dilemma “How do you get experience to get a job when no one will hire you without experience?”

However, we realised that passion, energy and curiosity are qualities that years of experience do not teach someone. We are in a unique position to train the next generation of world class engineers by tapping in to our team’s industry expertise while giving these grads an opportunity to utilise their degree and explore the different areas within chip development.

Therefore we decided to create the Morse Micro graduate program.

Morse Micro will launch a 6-month paid placement program for recent graduates commencing in January 2020.

This program will be aimed towards grads who have completed a BEng (or higher) in Electronics or Computer Architecture (or similar degree). The placement will consist of rotations between our engineering teams. You will have the opportunity to rotate between our Firmware, Systems, Analog/R, Digital and Test & Applications teams.

Applications are open now and close 17th November 2019. The program starts 13 January 2020.

If you and graduating soon and want to be part of the Morse Micro team then submit your resume, cover letter to and tell us what makes you stand out from the crowd.

Morse Micro

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Reinventing Wi-Fi for IoT

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