Can you offer a direct quote of me calling him a liar?
Louis Weeks

Again more lies; Show me a comprehensive, overarching plan that Republicans have put forth OTHER THAN ROMNEYCARE! There are none that have seen the light of day.

Your lie is plainly in the first part of your comment; it’s implicit in the way you worded your comment.

I’m a scientist, I deal in facts and I gave you facts.

As bad as Romneycare/Heritage Foundationcare might be, it needs a COMPREHENSIVE, well thought out plan to replace it so people don’t die; Republicans have NOT shown us a single realistic option to replace it in their headlong rush to give the rich an extra few bucks in their pockets.

you have a serious issue if you think that people should die so the wealthy 1%(I’m one of them by the way)can get a break on their taxes.

You might want to take a long, serious look in the mirror to see if you can find out where your humanity went.

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