Recognise the Tech Tune Trend?

Some say technology is akin to music If you consider the different genre, popularity, and lifecycle fan following, the parallel makes sense

The similarity too, for many like myself that have worked in software and related IT for two decades, is that you appreciate the historical linkage between the evolutionary migration from mainframe to client server, desktop to device and mobile, as well as the evolution of back office process with ERP to front office CRM and consumer led predictive analytics

Nothing prepares us for the next wave of internet computing, as technology giants battle for the new ground of artificial intelligence, machine learning and IoT

In many respects, each behemoth of industry stands on the shoulder of other giants, Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Intel, Oracle, Cisco, Microsoft, Samsung, Google, IBM, Vodafone to name but a few, all vie for a slice of influence, and wallet share of the consumer, and the battle starts with real time data, underpin this with the elasticity of the cloud computing supporting the application, and the gargantuan volumes of information consumed by society to make decisions, the World is set for many more zettabytes of various data formats in the years ahead

Much like the first Industrial revolution transitioning manufacturing process and output, we have changed, largely from an agrarian society to a data driven next wave of the Internet revolution which will transcend our lives and become the technology of our lifetime, changing every aspect of our working and social experience

The tier one global VCs clamber for the best Start-ups shaping this space, even beforehand, some transformational newly formed companies are being snapped up by the giants aka Facebook, Google…pre-revenue/pre-customer but changing hands for hundreds of millions to help reshape future leadership positions. IDC predict a massive expansion of the edge, in smart cars, buildings, homes industrial equipment, wearables with IoT alone growing from $600 to a $1.7trillion market by 2020, and 30 billion connected devices, reshaping every service industry

Cisco, IBM, and Intel will form a privately held IoT company to create critical mass in the industrial solutions sector. Google this month announced Brillo an underlying PaaS operating system for IoT

Microsoft Cortana, GoogleAsk, IBM Watson continue to gain praise for natural language cognitive machine learning with rapidly growing numbers of applications transforming FinTech, transportation, gaming, and omni-channel retail, healthcare

This is a fascinating area that I have been involved with, my friends think it’s almost like Star Trek meets Dr Who when I demo the apps — the killer ingredient — voice based natural language. The ability to command intelligent requests depending on industry solution to your device, imagine travelling and asking what train/what time,/what platform, or when you bank — “pay mum £100”, or investing “buy 1000 HSBC shares”, or shopping “show me tennis shoes size 10, and a matching branded sweatshirt” or having a cheeky sporting bet “Rooney to score the next goal for England” (now I’m being somewhat hopeful)! But jocularity aside, voice is like the glue in ease of use terms for managing our daily lives

These technologies, along with the irrepressible rise of wearables will take off through late 2015 onwards, we are already seeing a number of interesting Start-ups gain significant funding and customer traction from Silicon Valley and through to the dynamic and vibrant start-up environments of London

This interrelated and collective shift will be responsible for cataclysmic change in the way society, commercial corporations, and continents interact

The quest for rapid real time consumer loyalty, customer engagement, experience, and tangible results will benefit those companies and individuals that grasp the nettle and move fast into an even greater connected World

So whatever your musical taste, be it classic, pop, soul, rock n roll, jazz…..jump on the technology musical Wurlitzer now for the most amazing social and economic shift in our lifetime!

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