What to wear to work

You got up this morning in your respective location, and thought a suit for the City of London, or jeans and crisp white shirt for the Valley….but now it’s all about what to wear in wearables…..

The market is set to explode according to IDTechEx — a $70 billion industry by 2024!

Apple, Samsung, Fitbit, Motorola, LG……all competing for your buying decision It’s the workplace where your wearable will have a great impact

Think of the productivity gains from an IoT connected Eco-system

The first apps for health metrics are here, but think of your companies services, repairs, assets, support, and on sheer human capital management — workforce engagement, rewards, time and motion, expense management, distribution, transportation….the list is endless in the revolution of connected people and technology

Privacy and security play a big part in adoption, the mind boggles at the thought of a dystopian ‘Enemy of the State’ for the wearables and ‘un-wearables’

Apple IOS 9, Google Now, operating systems race to incorporate intelligent personal voice assistants, search, maps, proactive calendar, contacts, and 3rd party apps

Perhaps my favourite function — ‘augmented reality’ — allowing the user to point their device to a street, a restaurant, a store and an amazing ‘around me’ command, to show the food menu, the new trainers in your size, or the nearest coffee shop with a ‘real time’ what’s left on the pastry counter!

So choosing what to wear for work will never be the same!

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