1. can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your current design philosophy?

i’ve been in the design industry for about 11 years now. my design philosophy is to provide clients with practical solutions that celebrate and reflect both party’s individual style and taste. my goal is to transform our client’s space creating a seamless solution that is innovative, thought provoking and visually spectacular.

2. who are some of your creative inspirations?

i love to travel, cement tile, thrift shopping, design magazines & pinterest for design inspiration, moroccan cement tile.

3. what attracted you to the clé tile design you chose?

we wanted a material that was unique, graphic & bold to play off the white cabinets & brass cabinet fixtures. the zenith pattern was exactly the juxtaposition we were looking for in the backsplash.

4. is there a story about this remodel that you want to share? what aesthetic were you going for?

from the very beginning, the homeowners and I were on the same page with the overall vision and direction of the project. after some brainstorming sessions, our solution was to go with a lighter monochromatic scheme, incorporating clean white cabinets and crisp white paint on the walls. not wanting the space to feel “sterile” with our white canvas, we brought some warmth in through the washed oak wood floors and decided on the pop of pattern in your backsplash and other details to give the space the extra uniqueness we were looking for.

5. what were the biggest things you hoped to change in this remodel?

to give the home a more airy and light feel. although the existing space had high ceilings & ample natural light, something about it felt very dark and dreary. we wanted the space to have an overall effortless feel, combining lighter materials and hints of eclectic elements.

6. how did clé fit into your creative process? what was your experience using clé tile and what led you and your clients to choose clé?

the bold, unique & graphic pattern. overall, opening an account, the sample and ordering process was easy. It was a painless and easy process. i found your product on instagram and had been excited to find the right client to use the product with.

7. what specific tile did you use for this project and how do you think it tied into the different elements of the room?

the zenith pattern. it really added a fun hypnotic rhythm to the space creating a bold feature but in a very quiet nature because it was used sparingly. i felt it created a wonderful contrast against all of the lighter finishes and brought the whole room together, in the end result.

8. what’s your favorite thing about tile?

the bold, unique & graphic pattern.

9. what advice would you give a homeowner when choosing tile for a space?

tile scale, color palate, install pattern, finishing pieces and grout (if applicable) is everything. make sure all of these items are thought out in great detail to create the perfect harmonious tile install!