Mosaic Ventures Podcast: Fireside chat with Y Combinator President, Sam Altman

In this podcast, Mosaic partners Simon Levene and Mike Chalfen explore with Sam Altman his interest in “hard tech” sectors including Energy and Synthetic Life. Sam also discusses YC’s strategy and future including the new $700 continuity fund as well as the launch of YC research, a nonprofit research lab (including the famed initiative around universal basic income).

In the second half of the podcast, Mike goes deep on AI, asking Sam:

  • How and when will AI become a dominant force in our lives?
  • Will there be a single AI, a benevolent dictator or a world of multiple AIs with no one dominant AI?
  • Who will regulate this AI? How can governance be globally effective?
  • Will AI create a world of infinite wealth? And in this world how will humans achieve status, fulfillment and happiness?

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