UPDATED May 18, 2018: I wrote this piece after the school shooting in Florida, but I only had to change three things to make it relevant for the school shooting today in Santa Fe, Texas: the state, death count, and the total number of shootings in 2018.

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When I heard that there was another school shooting, this time in Santa Fe, Texas, resulting in 10 killed (in February it was 17 killed in Florida), I’m sad to say I wasn’t surprised. I expect them now. It seems part of the fabric of our society to accept that children in America should have to anticipate the possibility that their classmate or a deranged stranger will walk into their school and shoot it up. …

Trump’s decision comes after days of consulting with his D.C. area rabbi — Rabbi Gary Busey.

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President Trump announced that he will follow in his beautiful daughter’s footsteps and convert to Orthodox Judaism. This is an unprecedented move for a President, but he is convinced this will help ease any harsh and negative feelings toward him since the Charlottesville attack and his plethora of blunders when it comes to race relations and anti-Semitism. Timed perfectly for Hanukkah and the holiday season, Trump’s decision comes after days of consulting with his D.C. area rabbi — Rabbi Gary Busey.

President Trump is committed to only eating kosher food even though it means giving up his late-night fast food treats like McDonald’s and taco bowl from the Trump Grill. But he is very much looking forward to gefilte fish and traditional potato stew, chulent. It is unclear whether Melania and Baron will convert as well, but President Trump is encouraging them to join him. Even if that means Melania will have to wear long skirts and wigs. …

Trump supporters believe he is an almighty and unconditional healer

It’s depressing that Roy Moore almost won the election in Alabama, but not surprising. Nine women have accused him of sexual misconduct, including a woman who said Moore molested her when she was 14 years old. And yet, President Trump — also accused of sexual misconduct — fully endorsed an accused pedophile. This is the state of politics in America. The line of morality and common civility has been blurred in the pursuit of a political and religious agenda called Trumpism.

Allegiance to Trumpism has taken priority over critical thinking and sound decision making. Trump is the demagogue of our generation. 43 million Twitter followers believe he is an almighty and unconditional healer of all the problems in the United States, including their own. They have bought into his infomercial — hook line and sinker. His followers will vote for candidates he supports even if it hurts them in the end — evidenced by the recent tax reform bill that will affect the working class that voted him into office. …


Moshe Schulman

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