The start of something new is always fresh and exciting. New beginnings can really put your heart and mind into a state of change. New beginnings can challenge you and push you steadfast towards your goal. When you have a new thought, new plan or new endeavor, you feel energized and fueled to create change. Journaling, manifesting and affirmations can help bring your hearts desires to fruition. This is especially true when speaking out to the Universe. I LOVE doing this on the first day of every month. To me, the first day of the month symbolizes the beginning of new.

During the new month there is also a new “New Moon” and a new “Full Moon”. The new and full moon energies are very powerful, not to mention mesmerizing at times. When you place your intentions out to the Universe on the nights of these moons, your intentions are amplified. The amplified energy creates powerful change in your energy flow. This changed energy flow is the catapult to making positive change within yourself and your life. When you feel this energy shift, you will see your intentions coming to fruition. Though the energy of the new and full moon creates new beginnings and intensifies our manifesting, there are other benefits to using the strength of the new and full moon energy.

Some of the benefits of the moon’s energy are:

• Releasing and letting go of old habits and mindsets

• Creating new energy within yourself and around you

• Creating new opportunities to have the life you want

• Transforming you into your BEST self

• Connecting your higher-self

• Increasing your intuitive abilities

• Helping you visualize

• Helps you balance your mind, body and spirit

• It soothes you

• Sage — to cleanse and clear myself and my sacred space

• My journal — to place my intentions out there and I can always refer back to them

• Permanent marker — to make my intentions permanent

• A cup of water — to cleanse away old

• Candles — because the fire ignites my soul; the aroma brings me tranquility when manifesting

I want to stress here that there is no right or wrong way to perform a ritual. What I speak of is not a religion, nor witchcraft or any other negative connotation one may think. So if anyone makes fun of you or comments to you, smile and laugh it off! You are on your road to a better life, so be it.

You are a human being, you are made up of energy. Your Chakras, which are your energy centers located along your spine have energy flow. Therefore, energetically you can become blocked or stuck. It is important to continue this flow of energy and create change. So these suggestions are merely tools to create the foundation for energy change and new beginnings. In addition, practicing positive thoughts creates a positive life, thereby creating positive energy. New beginnings brings us better energy for change.

If change and new beginnings is truly what you want, then it is important to practice change and make manifesting your way of life. Meditating to create balance, being happy and loving everything about yourself and in your life will only bring you a fulfilled and abundant life.

Find enjoyment in your journaling, manifesting and affirmations. Make it fun and exciting. Look back through your journal and re-read your manifesting. Have gratitude for all that you have been blessed with thus far. See your work in progress and reflect back on your journal to see all that has come to be!

Final thought:
You are an energy being, use the strength of the moon’s energy to get in sync with the Universe.

Happy manifesting!


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