A Reply To Yang’s Open Letter
Mathios Meridius

I would like to address the fact that you think you are speaking on behalf of "the real pokemon fans" while insisting that the game would be less fun if you knew exactly where they were. As a fellow 90s child that also hasn't put away her pokeballs in 20 years (and squee'd and threw her Xbox controller at her boyfriend when he said the app was up in the app store), I take offense. Until they rereleased the originals for the Nintendo 3DS, I've been replaying them as Roms (long story short, my gameboy met with an unfortunate box of yard sale junk. It was toy story 2 all over again.). With cheats enabled. Guess what? It's still awesome. I still love every minute of it. Honestly, you don't sound like a Pokemon "fan" as much as a Pokemon "snob"

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