MotionChimps Launch Day: Law of Attraction

As expected we have had very little traction, due to our reasons of being a self-funded bootstrapped startup with minimal marketing. The only interaction has been claimed by a single person that have downloaded our step-by-step checklist, so with no pun intended, “something is better than nothing”.

From this day forward our daily plan will focus on getting our service out to the broad of businesses with the future intent to narrow down exactly the right customers that require our unique service.

Over time we strive to find what strategy gains attraction, solidifies conversions, and sustains long-term partnership from our potential prospects.

The “law of attraction” has now been arranged forward as our core scope to be deemed trust-worthy and reliable by our customers. On that note, this scope will require a great deal of time before we can determine progress by data accrued by statistics.

Social media is a great way to reach out to the masses, but there are no guarantee if our service strikes a chord with anyone. We have other marketing methods that will be put into action.

Our goal is to take our tasks seriously and to keep them at a minimal of one day at a time. This is our first day, so we realize that we must relax during the growth phase and are confident that eventual business connections will form the traction pushing momentum.

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