SignBuilder Introduction :

When initially inventing UNI, the MotionSavvy team faced interesting engineering challenges. This challenge was how would users would be able to effectively add in new gestures into our system as we quickly understood that our core team of engineers could not be expected to add in every single possible variation of gestures. So we started the creation and development process of sketching out what would become SignBuilder. MotionSavvy is pleased to show our community of followers what SignBuilder looks like today.

You can view a very brief demo of SignBuilder in action via the following video. It walks you through the recording and reloading another pre-recorded sample.

Step 1 : Select Your Language

MotionSavvy understands that there are many different Sign Languages that users would want to add recordings of. So we created a special area for users to select the language to add the recording to. This really only matters for users that are looking to add vocabulary to UNI.

Step 2 : Select Type of Recording

We have given SignBuilder the ability to record a variety of different types of recordings. The different types are fingerspelled words, hand shapes, sign language classifiers, full signs, motion, phrases, and hand orientation. We’ve separated them into categories so that our software can better understand what the user is attempting to record.

Step 3 : Label your recording

To label a sign, users simply type in the plain text representation of what they are recording. This gives us a text equivalent to match up the recorded sample to in our software.

Step 4 : Start / Stop your recording

Once you’ve given SignBuilder a label for your recording, you can go ahead and record! But its important your hands are within the Leap Motion’s field of view. You will know if your hands can be seen by the Leap Motion because your hands and movement will be displayed on the screen as you perform the gesture. Users stop recording by hitting the same button they used to start recording.

Step 5 : Playback

Users can immediately view their recording as it is played back on the screen for editing via SignBuilder’s Playback tool. Users can navigate their sample by pausing, fast-forwarding or rewinding. In fact, SignBuilder’s Playback tool works just like a movie.

Step 6 : Edit Recording

Users have the option to pause and edit their recorded sample through this interface, and ultimately save your modified sample. This gives our users the ability to fine tune and remove any inaccuracies in the recorded sample.

Step 7 : Save Recording

Now that you have a recording, it is automatically saved in our system. However, you’ll need to click save if you made any changes to the recording to save the updated version.

Step 8 : Upload the Recording

Users can easily upload the that single recording from the playback screen by clicking an icon in the upper right hand corner. If your device has an internet connection, it will be sent automatically otherwise it will be added to the CrowdSign queue for later uploading.

Completed: You’ve successfully, recorded, saved and uploaded a sign using SignBuilder.

Currently there are 3 ways you can use SignBuilder before receiving UNI

  1. Be a partner of MotionSavvy that is receiving early licenses to SignBuilder.
  2. If you are a business looking to license SignBuilder for product development and commercial usage, please contact MotionSavvy’s PR email:
  3. If you are an educational institution looking to use SignBuilder for research purposes you may contact MotionSavvy’s PR email : to discuss your needs.

Readers should note that SignBuilder is an on-going project. New features will be added over time and the end result may not be as shown above. We choose to share this software with the world’s Deaf community now so that we can get feedback as we go instead of after it is released. Interested parties can find out more about SignBuilder by emailing our pr email at

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